Transform your Company Culture

bePart is a mobile solution that promotes innovation and modernizes communication among all company employees.
It helps improve the work environment, encourages a transparent culture and empowers all employees.

Modernize Communication

Enable a modern news channel so that internal communications reach the correct users on time. bePart promotes the inclusion of all your employees.

bePart brings the innovation that your work teams need, promotes a culture of change.

Connect All Your Employees

bePart connects all employees with the management, their voices and request are heard or they can share information with the lines of business.

With bePart employees are connected, it does not matter where they work, it doesn't matter if they don't have a network user or corporate e-mail.

Fernando de Sancho Software Manager

Make The Invisible Visible

With bePart employees can acknowledge their colleagues by awarding them virtual medals. HR know who the most valued collaborators are and why. This makes the employees more motivated.

BePart's architecture supports thousands of online users.

Elisabet Cocuzza .NET Developer

Encourages Innovation

bePart allows all collaborators to be drivers of change and innovation. Employees can share their ideas with the management for analysis and feedback.

bePart runs on Microsoft Azure, the premium cloud platform that your business deserves.

Jorge Zurriable Full Stack & Mobile Developer

Key Principal Indicators

Premium Platform